This development circle is designed for the more developed medium who wishes to push the boundaries of there mediumship to there full potential We will be looking at realy working deep in bringing the evidence and good detail to your messages and one to one readings .

We will be looking at your presentation and delivery of your platform mediumship And how we can improve on continuing with the communication when we get a No...

How to demonstrate with confidence and consistency in power,

  We will be looking at the detail and accuracy of your evidence and going to that extra level at becoming the best you can be for yourself and your mediumship

Darren Hart is an experienced medium & teacher and is known for his kindness & support in his teachings he teaches with love & compassion for you and the spirit world, 

This is a great course and we will be pushing you to your maximum limit so we can help bring the best to you and your mediumship.

please visit to make a prompt booking to reserve your place on this fantastic opportunity and great course

This is a 8 week course at a low price of £215 for 8 weeks starting on Tuesday 4th August  6pm - 7.30pm  you can pay by 2 instalments if it's more convenient to you !

Our courses are always fun and easy going as mediumship is about enjoyment for you and loving towards the spirit world so please come on this fun filled course with lots of advantages for your mediumship

You will receive a certificate of excellence for your commitment and dedication in the course from Barnham spiritual centre