Development Circle Level 1


This circle is for the introduction of mediumship for beginners,

When your just starting out on your journey of unfoldment then it's always good to start at the beginning, so you can understand the full aspect of how and when to use your natural abilities,

We will be looking at unlocking your natural psychic awareness, and working with using it to perceive information from your sitter,

We shall be understanding the difference in psychic and spiritual energy, and where to use them in your communication,

Developing your Psychic intuition can be valuable in your unfoldment, we shall be spending time in helping you enhance these natural skills and using this in your communication,

Psychic awareness is something we use everyday in our lives, and sometimes we are never aware of this,

We will help you to identify and develop your psychic intuition,

Building power in mediumship plays a vital role in communication, to achieve this we shall be sitting in the power, we shall be showing you how to build such a power that will naturally give you the awareness of being able to communicate with psychic & spiritual vibration,

Building the foundation for spirit communication is extremely important and sensitive, identifying when this is happening in your development is also crucial to the understanding of your personal unfoldment,

We shall be learning the psychic intuition and unlocking your potential for spirit communication,

There will be lovely meditations to help you with the silence of the mind,

There will be talks and opportunities for you to ask questions throughout the circle,

Darren is very knowledgeable of the spirit world, and he will be sharing his vast education with you, he is very supportive and patient he has a lovely sense of humour that is very noticeable in his teachings,

If your looking at the first steps of wanting to explore the ways of using your psychic abilities, with the outlook for communication with the spirit world then this is the circle for you,

Our circles are small, so you have the best opportunity to experience more of a personal tuition,

You will be in a very supportive circle, with others that have the same intentions as you,

If you have been curious about psychic or mediumship awareness and haven't done anything before then this circle will be perfect for you,

This is an 6 week circle of 1.5 hour session weekly online via zoom

Total £210

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You will receive a certificate of excellence & dedication on completion of your Level 1 from the Darren Hart School Of Mediumship.

The next circle is starting on Sunday 19th September 2021

3pm - 4.30pm  uk time

T&C apply