Message Board Development Circle

Darren has been working with the message board for many years and has conducted hundreds in that time, he works very closely with the spirit world and has built a beautiful loving relationship with his spirit team in using the board for fantastic ways of communication, he wishes to share his knowledge and teachings with you in this amazing circle of message board development,

Working with the message board is an amazing experience to communicate with the spirit world,  you can achieve very detailed evidence with a degree of difference with using the board,
This circle is designed to allow you to open your sensitivities to work with the board, and learning the correct way to conduct the board, 

In this circle you will be givin the history of the workings of the board, and the reasons of why we use the board in communicating with the spirit world, we will be understanding the natural spiritual energy that we use for the means of communication, 

Like all forms of mediumship there has to be love & respect for communication and we will be showing you the ways of using respect in your workings with the board,

We will be showing you the preparation that's needed, and the way to lay your board out and the ways of opening your board, 

The benefits you can achieve with using the board and witnessing some of those in use is a real touching moment as communication with the spirit world is to be a loving respectful time with a responsibility towards them and your sitters, Darren will be showing you step by step the way you should be using the message board in the correct manner,

Its important that you use message boards safely so you can achieve the maximum advantage of the board, it would be an advantage for you to have your own board to use in this circle, 

We will be showing you how to close the board at the end of a session, 

The message board is good fun to use but are also a very interesting way of communication, we will be looking at all the advantages of using the board for both us and the spirit world,

The circle is a 4 week circle at 1 hour session per week online via zoom 

Total £140

Next circle is starting on  

Tuesday 13th September 2022

8pm - 9pm  uk time 

No experience necessary but all levels of development and experience are welcome

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