Psychometry Circle

Psychometry is known for the reading of the energy of an object or a possession, everything has an energy field and Psychometry is reading the energy of the object to perceive information regarding the history of who owned the item, 

In this circle we will be looking at the ways of using our natural abilities to read the energy of the object and build a picture of that person, 

We will show you how to tune in to your psychic awareness to perceive information on the energy that the item holds,  this has been proved to be useful in the past with missing persons,

We will be showing that your psychic abilities are not limited when it comes to reading energy,

Psychometry is used all over the world with various ways of using it and we shall be exploring some of those ways,

Using this psychic method then it's a possibility that you can perceive this information through a vision aswell as touch, sense, feel, and emotions, so we will be exploring all of this possibilities,

This is a fun and exciting subject to explore but can be very interesting, aswell as useful , and enjoyable,

You don't have to be a medium to use Psychometry this is open to all persons who wish to explore this very old tradition, 

This is a 4 week circle at 1 hour session per week online via zoom

Total £80

The next circle is starting on

Tuesday 8th June 2021  

8pm - 9pm

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