Crystal Ball Circle

The crystal ball is a very old psychic tradition used for the purpose of fortune telling, 

We will be showing you how to cleanse and program your crystal ball,

In this circle we will be looking at the ways we use the crystal ball with our psychic abilities and with using our clairvoyance,

We shall be seeing the benefits and the intention of using the ball, and how it can tell us about the future,

Lets unlock your psychic potential into looking at the world through the crystal ball 

To use the crystal ball then you need to know how to perceive the information and seeing the images, 

We shall be showing you how to use your natural abilities to allow for the crystal ball to unfold the powers of the future,

The crystal ball has been used for many many years and has always been part of the methods of fortune telling, and we shall be unlocking the psychic way of letting the ball show the potential in using it,


This is a fun circle open for all persons you don't have to be a medium to work the crystal ball, come join this exciting circle as we delve into the mystical powers of the crystal ball,

This is a 4 week circle of 1 hour session per week online via zoom

 Total  £90

The next circle is starting on

Sunday 25th July 2021

 7pm - 8pm  uk time 

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