Development Circle Level 4

If your looking at pushing your boundaries of your mediumship, then this is the circle for you, this is a very practical circle,

Platform or working publicly with your mediumship, can be a very nervous experience as we often feel that we wont connect to the spirit world, or we just won't have the confidence and we are going to let everyone down, and as a medium those words will of definitely entered your mind more than once,

Once we have sat in a group, or a development circle then our next step is the big wide world with our mediumship, and that's when the safety of our circle no longer comforts us, until now where you can continue that love & support of your circle and instead of working publicly and not having much experience in this, you will be able to gain this experience along with others on there final steps of development, 

This circle is the point of where you can continue with working the platform, and gaining more experience in public demonstration, we will be working with your presentation, and how you open your evening publicly and with confidence,

Its always important that we can present ourselves in a professional but relaxed manner so that we feel confident and secure within ourselves,  and this lets our audience feel at ease aswell,

Demonstrating can effect us if we get a NO and we will be looking at how to find the solution to just that issue when working publicly,  the pressures on platform can be felt in our work, so we will be working with putting you at ease, so that your demonstration will be fun with upliftment,  gaining confidence in platform is always an issue as we have to work to gain, and this circle will give you just that opportunity, so that when your ready to step on the platform you will have knowledge and experience, that will let you feel more at ease for your public demonstrations,

You will also have the opportunity to work in a public demonstration via zoom during the circle, this is only on a voluntary basis, 

This circle is for those who wish more opportunities to gain confidence in public demonstration, and to exercise your presentation skills, as your in a supportive environment you can have the freedom in your mediumship to iron out any creases that you may have, and to find the way that works best for you,  we will be supportively pushing you on your final steps before your world of public demonstration comes alive, 

This is an online circle and you have the added advantage of developing in the comfort of your own home and this is important as you will feel more secure and confident developing from home this will have a more easier approach towards your development,

Just some of the areas we shall be looking at in this circle

psychic / mediumship/ / demonstration / private readings / confidence / trust / speaking 

This is an online Circle via zoom 

The circle is for 6 weeks and is 1 .5 hours per week 

Total £235

Next circle starting  

Tuesday 5th July 2022

6.30pm -   uk time

You will receive a certificate for the completion and dedication of your mediumship development 

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