Death is just a dropped stitch in life’s tapestry

Barnham Spiritual centre is a sanctuary of love where we provide evenings of mediumship I have been running the centre for a few years and love every aspect of helping and healing souls ,

For those who have been touched with grief we provide a beautiful environment for them to come and have a chat, I provide help and understanding to those that need it,

Understanding the grief that those are going through will provide the platform for the  healing process that they will need in helping them to move in a positive direction in there lives.

Mediumship works in many forms in giving love & healing for those that need it ,

I have been aware of the spirit world always around me and have been working with my mediumship for years,  working platform and teaching, in working with my devolpment I have trained at the worlds finest establishment and trained by the most experienced teachers, 

As mediums we bring information from your loved ones in the spirit world to you, to give evidence that life is eternal and that we don’t die , in bringing this to you will bring comfort and love to you for you to be able to carry on with life knowing that you will see your loved ones again some day , healing the soul of others is to give them the best outlook on there life so they can carry on living the life that they wish with the love from us all.

Life is eternal, and love is internal, but shared in our world will create the life that we all want 

so share our love with all, 

If you have been touched in grief and wish to talk in confidence then please contact me 

If you wish for a private reading please use contact page and I will get back to you ,

Fully insured 

DBS checked