Death is just a dropped stitch in life’s tapestry


Welcome To

The Darren Hart School Of Mediumship,

Barnham Spiritual centre

Darren is a well known medium & mentor here in the uk and overseas, he runs both his development  school and spiritual centre for the development of mediumship & psychic studies,

The Barnham Spiritual Centre in West Sussex is a sanctuary of love where we provide evenings of mediumship, for those seeking communication from there loved ones in spirit, the centre is a loving sanctuary for everyone who walks through the doors, we hold demonstrations of mediumship on Monday evenings and everyone is welcome, 

Darren has been running the centre for a few years and he loves every aspect of helping and healing souls at times of there life when needed,

For those who have been touched with grief we provide a beautiful environment for them to come and have a chat, we provide help and understanding to those in need, especially after the loss of a loved one, it maybe just a comforting listening ear but we are here,

Understanding there grief and what they are going through, will help provide the platform for the healing process they need in helping them move forward in a positive direction in there lives for the future, mediumship works in many forms in providing love & comfort for there healing journey ahead,

Darren has been aware of the spirit world always around him, and working with his mediumship for years working the platform and theatre's around the uk, teaching is his passion and he has a truly amazing connection to the spirit world, this is very evident in his teachings and demonstrations,

Darren has a vast knowledge of the spirit world and he shares this in his teachings to all students who come from all over the world to experience his wealth of knowledge in mediumship and psychic development ,

Darren has earned himself several certifications in mediumship and teaching and two diplomas in mediumship and psychic studies, and he's very proud of his dedication to his commitment to the world of spiritual unfoldment,

Darren Hart School Of Mediumship has an excellent reputation for the depth of knowledge that is provided to you on your journey of discovery in development, we pride ourselves on seeking the level of knowledge and support that we give to all our students at the most sensitive stages of there development, if your just starting on your mediumistic journey or have been working with your mediumship for a while, then we can help you to discover and unlock your full potential in your development, 

Support it very crucial in development and Darren provides a loving support to each student to help them to find the best they can in themselves,

Darren's dedication and commitment towards his spiritual work is very well etched upon his truthful & detailed evidence from those who have passed to spirit, and this is what makes Darren stand out above others in his private readings or public demonstrations,

Darrens own devolpment has seen him trained at the worlds finest establishment and trained by the most experienced teachers,

His teachings come from a place of love & understanding and he teaches from the heart & soul providing you with the most honest depths of development and this helps you to unlock your own natural abilities in mediumship ,

Darren has taught in various mediumship establishments that are known to many and he has been teaching here at the centre for a number of years in various devolpment circles and workshops involving  psychic & spiritual awareness,

As mediums we bring information from your loved ones in the spirit world to you, to provide evidence that life is eternal and that we don’t die , in bringing this to you we hope to find you comfort and love for you to be able to carry on with life knowing that you will see your loved ones again some day , healing the soul of others is to give them the best outlook on there life, so they can carry on living there life in the way they wish, and with the love from everyone around them,

Here at the Darren Hart School Of Mediumship we understand that life has moved in different directions these days and commitment to a weekly development circle may not be achievable to some who wish to develop there mediumistic abilities, so we now have online devolpment circles that are giving you the same opportunity to develop but from the comfort of your own home,

These circles are designed to cater for all development needs, from starting out on your development through all stages till finally working the platform,

We aim to provide you with full support and encouragement throughout your devolpment, our circles are small so we can provide you with the best possible attention on a personal level,

We also at the end of each stage provide you with a certificate of achievement for your hard work and progression in your development and will always help and support you on your forward journey into the world of mediumship,

Please contact us if you wish for further information on our fantastic online development circles,

To book a private reading with Darren please use our contact page and we will be happy to arrange that for you, readings are via Zoom or telephone,

Life is eternal, and love is internal, but shared in our world will create the life & understanding that we all want and seek to find,

Please be the best you can and share your love with all.

Certificate & Diploma holder 

Fully insured 

DBS checked