Terms & Conditions

1. With your purchase you are agreeing to except our terms & conditions that are set out and are happy to proceed.

2. We offer a strickly NO refund policy once your payment has been processed then you have committed to the purchase, if you wish not to continue with any of our events this is your preference and we cannot offer any refunds because of this, refunds will only be granted if we cancel your purchase due to circumstances beyond our control, or a cancellation of our event.

3. We can cancel any of our circles or events at anytime without notice and we are not liable to provide a reason.

4. We cannot be held liable if a third party is holding such an event cancels, then WE will refund your payment.

5. We cannot be held liable for any internet or technical issues you experience that result in your absence from any events.

6. In any of our events including private readings,  we keep a strict time policy, we offer a lenients of  5 minutes after that time you will not be permitted into any event or circle, if you are absent from a private reading then you would have to book and pay for another time.

7. You are NOT permitted to record any of our circles or events,

8. We have the right to terminate you from any circle at anytime if we feel that your behaviour is inappropriate or disruptive to other students.

9. We offer a No tolerance of abuse to any members of staff at anytime, as this will result in you being terminated from any circle or event immediately.

10. Any outstanding payments must be received 7 days prior to any circle or event commences as you have entered a credit agreement with us. 

11. Our circles are non transferable.

12. If you have any complaints or issues please email: schoolofmediumship@mail.com

All our Cirles & advertising and website are protected by copyright and you will be liable to prosecution if found in breach of such conditions.