Spiritual Assessment

Spiritual awareness is something we all have at times of our lives, it can be lead by intuition or experiences of events that happen to us on our journey of life ,

We can feel inspired to explore diffrent patterns or pathways that we wouldnt normally, and this can leave us with the thoughts of questions that we may want to ask,

Having a Spiritual Assessment will allow for your potential in all areas to be explored, and uncover some of your strengths that you may not know you have,

The aim would be to discover some of those talents that you display, or allowing for those hidden talents to be exposed, and if your working with mediumship already then we can see what maybe is potential that your not aware of yet,

Everyones spiritual potential is diffrent, and sometimes we may be surprised as we have never noticed,

During your assessment we will look at all your spiritual possibilities and where there maybe an area to explore further.

It dosent matter if you have no knowledge of mediumship or your a working medium, an assessment is for anyone who feels they wish to get a better understanding of there themselves and there spiritual potential.

All Assessments will be online via zoom 


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