Personal Mentorship with Darren

This course is an intimate 6 months intensive mediumship development program, designed for all levels , on a one to one basis with Darren,

Development of your psychic awareness is important, it's crucial that you start at the beginning of understanding your own awareness of intuition, at the beginning of development we are sensitive to the perception of energy so it's of great importance we have a knowledge and understanding of this so we can build a support of trust & confidence in all areas of communication, 

Knowing the difference of psychic or spiritual energy will naturally build that support and foundation that you need for spiritual communication, 

During this course you will be learning to develop your natural psychic & spiritual abilities,

We will be focusing in detail at your psychic intuitive strength, and where and when to use it in your mediumship allowing the powers to unfold,

Sitting in the power is the key to connect naturally to the spirit world, we will be developing this technique, this will enable you to connect with confidence to the spirit world creating the best environment you can for building the relationship with you and the spirit world, 

Trust & confidence has always been at the front of the mind of the medium, we will be working emensly with helping you overcome those fears, and build Strength in those areas of your mediumship that requires support, 

Evidence is important in mediumship as we can then confidently provide further support of eternal life , We will be looking at deepening the evidence in your private sittings, sustaining the power that will allow you to continue to provide strong evidence to your sitters, 

In mediumship we encounter varies obstacles including low confidence and trust, this is a certain area that requires sensitivity and support, helping you to develop in these areas is certainly important for personal progression, this is an area that we will be focusing on so we can unlock your full potential in your mediumship,

Our focus will be based on you building trust in yourself and the spirit world, and giving you ample time in your confidence as a medium,

The more you can build your  confidence, then this will provide you with more structure to your communication that will bring you stronger evidence to your sitter, 

Keeping the power going is an area that we shall be focusing on so that you can sustain a longer period of time in your communication, and not experience those moments where we pause and have our mind brought into the communication, 

 Structure of your private sittings is important  and learning on how to express and conduct them with a more professional outcome, so your sitter becomes more at ease with you, Darren will spend time in giving you the best opportunity and knowledge achieving this,

As this is a personal tuition then you will have the advantage of that extra added attention to detail, 

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions throughout your course gaining a wide range of  knowledge in psychic & spiritual studies,

The personal tuition will enable you to have the best guidance and education on development of your mediumship,

There will also be opportunities to give private readings to other students at times online that are participating on other courses as part of your development,

The benefits of a personal mentorship is you will have complete one to one guidance & tuition with Darren this will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease as you progress through you psychic & spiritual journey of development,

You will have full personal support throughout your mentorship with access to any questions or help where needed,

Darren is very passionate about his teachings, and has a very loving connection to the spirit world, and this can be seen throughout his tuition every student has a unique natural ability, 

Darren will always find this and help them to develop there mediumship to allow you to become the best for yourselves,

Darren's courses are fun and very encouraging, and hes extremely supportive of your needs, this allows your development to be very enjoyable, but also very educational as he unlocks that potential that everyone has,

This mentorship is tailored for the individuality of everyone's needs in there own levels of development, if your a complete beginner or an intermediate or even advanced in your mediumship then this will be suited to your needs, 

Psychic awareness / private readings / spiritual communication / sitting in the power / mediumship / meditation / full support / personal tuition / some details of what the mentorship has to offer.

The full mentorship is 6 months and will consist of  6 x 3 hour sessions and this will take place once a month via zoom 

You will receive a certificate on your completion.

If you wish to pay on a monthly basis then this can be an option aswell.

Please email us with any enquiries you have 

The full mentorship is £775

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