Psychic Awareness Circle

Have you ever thought of someone and the phone rings and it's them !!!!

Well in this circle we shall be looking into using those psychic abilities and why we have them,

Our psychic awareness plays a big part of our everyday life, we use it more than you would ever imagine,

We shall be looking at developing those abilities and using them in various ways, some of these can be the power of intuition about others or a situation, 

In this circle you can explore your own intuition as we give you opportunities that will require your own psychic intuition, 

We will be looking at psychic reading of a person and you will be amazed at how you can intuitively know information from that person,

If you have ever wondered how information or situations come to light then this is the circle for you, 

You don't need to be a medium as this circle is for anyone who wishes to explore the powers of there own psychic intuition,

Come join us on this fun circle of delving into the exciting world of psychic,

This is a 4 week circle with 1 hour weekly session online via zoom

Total £90

Next circle starting on

Sunday 8th August 2021

  7pm - 8pm  uk time 

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