Trance Development Circle

Online Trance Circle

Trance occurs when through the induction of an altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to capture our attention and they can then place a certain hold of our minds, when this procedure takes place it enables us to build and deepen our relationship with the spirit world,

Allowing this blending will promote and enrich your depth of spirituality and enhance your relationship with the spirit world , Our guides will be able to move closer to us and gain a stronger relationship with us and this will help in all areas of our mediumship,

Moving our minds and working in an altered state will allow spirit to move more closer to us and they can then make a stronger deeper impression on our minds and we will be able to bring deeper levels of evidence from the spirit world,

Working in an altered state will give our guides more opportunities to draw closer to us to enable them to speak through us bringing much need inspiration , and providing beautiful philosophy with wisdom from the spirit world, when spirit use our minds for there voice this can also enable a more detailed close communication from loved ones,

There is nothing more touching to the soul then when we sit in an altered state and feel the presence of spirit so close to us and the spirit world are very thankful for our commitment in bringing this moment of a miracle for them to life,

This circle is the beginning stages of learning for attunement / blending with the spirit and this will enable for us to go into a deeper level of consciousness and giving the opportunity for the spirit world to impress there thoughts upon our minds and we will be setting the scene for voice communication from our guides & inspirers,

   The closer we can build our relationship with the spirit world and our guides, then this opens many opportunities and will certainly have a better benefit to our mediumship,

There are several recognized ways of working in trance, and i believe that this is only the beginning, as working in the trance states will offer endless opportunities yet to be discovered,

We will be working with zoom and this will give us the opportunity to work closely with your individual needs, helping and encouraging you, this will enable us to support your trance at the various stages,

This will be a very interesting circle and will offer potential to all who offers commitment & dedication to trance, as trance is like every form of mediumship it takes time and dedication and if you are willing to offer that then you will seek the benefits that trance has to offer,

This is a 4 week circle of 1 hour session on a weekly basis online via zoom

Total £90

Next circle starting on

Tuesday 8th November 2022

8pm - 9pm   uk time 

No experience necessary but all levels of development and experience are welcome

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