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28.11 | 20:49

Darren is an amazing Medium not only his teachings but he goes that extra mile for people. Darren has spent many years in all aspects of his spirtual work and without doubt you can see it in his work

28.11 | 20:44

In this time with covid 19 this is most needed a listening ear. Thank you Darren for offering these services.

25.11 | 19:31

I had a reading today with Darren. I want to thank him as he was amazing and spot on with everything. I could not recommend enough

23.11 | 22:42

I have been in Darren’s mediumship and trance circles as well as doing a few other workshops with him Darren is an amazing teacher and works
With you and your development . Highly recommend

A Wonderfull Reading

I would love to leave a review for Darren, so here it is...

I had a private psychic reading with Darren last week. There were areas in my life that were troubling me greatly. I had some decisions to make and was unsure which path to follow.

His reading was excellent. He was able to describe my childhood and the relationships within them, and how they have shaped me. He described my personality perfectly. This has helped me enormously, and has been very cathartic. He picked up on my concerns and worries for the future, and was able to reassure me that I actually already knew the answers, but just needed that confirmation I was doing the right thing for me.

Although I was after more of a psychic reading he was able to connect with a family member that had passed with outstanding evidence, and passed on their love and support too.

I have been going to Barnham Spiritual Centre for about 6 months now. I’ve completed a couple of his courses, and attend most Monday meetings. Darren is an amazing teacher, with a huge heart, and a cheeky sense of humour.

I can honestly say that this centre has changed my life for the better and would recommend to anyone who is grieving a loved one, or just feeling a little lost in life, to pop along and see for yourself.

Thank you Darren.

Kind regards



I had an amazing reading with Darren, he was totally amazing, Darren brought my Auntie and gave outstanding evidence that was only known to me. I was blown away with such depth of her life, Darren is a truly gifted medium and would without a doubt recommend him.

Exceptional Private Reading

I enjoyed my reading very much from Darren. He brought through the loved ones I was hoping for, and gave me plenty of survival evidence. Not only that, but he described me to a tee by what Spirit were telling him.

I was able to ask a specific question at the end of my reading, and the answer gave me a lot of comfort.

I would definitely recommend Darren to anyone who is thinking of having a private reading.

Joan Walters



Amazing Development Circle

‘I have recently attended the Level 1 Development Circle at Barnham Community Hall (Feb 2023) and wanted to pass on my thanks to Darren for his great teachings and leadership through out the course! Darren is extremely open and welcomes questions on spirituality and allowed me to get the most out of the 5 week course. The course has strengthened my psychic ability and confidence to know we are all protected and connected. Very reassuring and enjoyable group environment! Thanks Darren! Xx’

Amy Dore

Very Accurate Reading Amazed

I had a reading with Darren Hart today and I was most impressed with names that came forward, how he read my energy and I learned so much that was important to me. I am so impressed with his accuracy ❤️

Suzanne Moore

Amazing Reading

I had a great reading with Darren last week. He is truly a gifted medium. He brought me my loved ones and gave me all the facts and the evidence that I needed to know and I didn’t have to ask him any questions as his reading was totally touched every corner of my life. I decided to join his circle and just starting with the first class tonight my confidence changed so much. I have been doing mediumship classes for a long time but I can truly say with Darren the whole experience of mediumship was much easier and I feel the difference. Thank you so much Darren for making mediumship much easier to do.

Thank you

Samira Sehhat

Thank you Darren

In November of 2018 I had a private reading with Darren Hart while on a visit to Scotland. Darren is a wonderful medium and brought through much needed insight and evidence. I myself am a medium and during the reading, Darren brought through a message from spirit indicating that I should consider being independent when it comes to my spiritual work. As it turns out, after years of preparation to become a Spiritualist minister through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches here in the USA, I was afforded the opportunity in January of 2020, to become an ordained Spiritualist minister through an independent Spiritualist organization. It was a longtime dream and goal manifested.

Sheila  Leedy 

I had a reading from Darren a little while ago and it was absolutely spot on! Darren is amazing at what he does, thank you again Darren. Will definitely be booking again in the future.

  Megan Chillary 

Hey Darren,

I have to tell you something which I have just realised. 😌 I know that mediumship is my passion. I know it works. I know it’s real. I know it full-fills me and makes me whole as a person.

I know I’ve been sitting on the fence and “playing” at being a holiday medium during the last 15 years when I’m at the college. I know that this is my destiny because I feel alive when I touch the eternity of the spirit world.

What I have only just discovered, is that through your guidance, encouragement and honesty, I am able to trust my feelings and give wings to my ability without the expectation of perfection or the pressure to perform. For me it is important to be authentic and to have that “space” to make mistakes and be gently guided and corrected. Up until now I have always felt “pressurised to perform” which has inevitably restricted my trust and flow of connection. Thank you for you reassurance and encouragement.

I know now that my biggest foe has been my lack of belief in my own abilities. In your fun packed, lighthearted, informative, wisdom inspired classes, I have been able to work through my doubts, impatience (well I’m still working on that) biases, judgment, need for recognition and perfection, to move into a space which allows me to grow and learn. Regardless of how well known or prestigious my other teachers have been ( and I’ve had the best) , you are the first who accepts my weaknesses and polishes my abilities and understands how “fragile” a “confident, extroverted, terrified, sensitive control freak can be. Thank you

Teresa Stelter Diprose 

I had an absolutely amazing reading today. Everything that Darren said was spot on. He really took time and it was not rushed. Would highly recommend, and will definitely have another reading at some point.

Thanks  Sarah Talbot

I’ve worked with Darren a number of times over the last two years at different development groups and courses he’s run! He has a wealth of knowledge that he brings to each course and teaches in a really accessible and friendly way! I look forward to learning more from him in the future...

Rebecca-Elizabeth Eager

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this course! With Darren’s patient leadership he has coaxed out talents I didn’t realise I had! Our group bonded very well and became really supportive of one another, despite being widely scattered over England and Belgium. Thank you Darren, We are looking forward to Level 2 starting in August! Thank you Darren!

Best wishes Fiona Warton

Review 1 I was lucky enough to meet Darren at a residential week at the AFC and he has impressed me with his gentle guidance and wisdom ever since. I have successfully completed the level one course and eagerly signed up for level two. Darren tailors the needs of each individual and knows exactly what is manageable for us all from week to week always leaving time for questions and reflection. As a result my group bonded so well learning from each other under Darren's patient and enthusiastic guidance. I have found the topics of spirituality and Mediumship a mind field yet Darren beautifully simplifies these concepts. The most important lesson he has taught me is the information and power that lies within each and every one of us. I cannot wait to continue on this journey of self development. I feel lighter, and more peaceful within myself and my self-belief is growing every week. Thank you so much Darren I couldn't ask for a better friend and mentor ..

Rachel Emily 

I would like to share a small piece of my one to one reading that I had with Darren which we did on Skype, due to me living so far away, and then changed to Messenger (changed due to the Internet connection dropping out at my end🙈). Darren went with it and had to reconnect on more than one occasion due to my internet playing up “thank you for staying with it Darren”. The reading blew me away, my Dad came through (totally unexpected) and talked about things that no one else could have known, things that were said on his passing along with other confirmation that it was my Dad coming through. The most amazing part was the first word that my Dad said when he came through, because this word was one that I longed for whilst he was on this earth, that wasn’t acknowledged or said before he passed and I knew that when he passed and looked back on his life he would then realise. Darren nailed it, he said I have a man here and he wants to say ......., which was the word I was longing to hear, the word by the way, was not love, we often told each other that. Darren then went on to tell me that I would see a butterfly in the next two days and that this would be my Dad. Well, two days later first thing in the morning in the dining room on the inside of my house windowsill was this most colourful butterfly, I collected him in my hands spoke with him and said thank you and set him free out in the garden. Just after, I went to work and was talking to someone at the entrance to the building, when this same butterfly flew in front of my face, the person I was talking too said “that butterfly really wanting to make itself known to you before flying off”. This was only a small part of the reading I had with Darren the rest was also amazing and correct. If you are looking for a genuine Medium with his own unique way of working with the spirit world that can, without doubt, validate our loved ones are still around us along with being able to give us information that will help us move forward, then Darren is that man. I can guarantee, through personal experience and having readings with some of the best Mediums here in the UK and Australia, you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend Darren, I believe he’s up there with the best. I’ve sorted my internet out now so will be looking at booking another reading with Darren very soon. Blessings to all and Stay Safe 😇🙏🙏😇💫❤️

Karen Malloy 

I was fortuned enought to meet Darren at the AFC, a few years ago, and to attend his trance demonstration in one of the evenings. I will never forget it. It touched me so deeply that I left the room in tears but with a clear decision in my mind: I have to learn more from this wonderful person. So it was with great enthusiasm that I joined Darren's first online Development Course for Beginners, while in quarentine. And I have to say that it was the best decision I have ever made. Darren's empathy and welcoming energy along with his unique experience in mediumship allowed each member of the group to develop according to their personal level while providing the most encouraging environment to everyone. Darren is the best mentor that you could possibly get. His kind and generous heart and his dedication to the spirit world allowed him to establish a very close relationship with the spirit world. So you can feel their welcoming energy the moment you begin to work with Darren, just as if you were part of the family. I had the most wonderful time on this course and I absolutely recommend it to everyone. I'm now following the second module, with the same group and also loving it! Thank you Darren! 

Regina Almeida 

Darrens Reading was spot on. He chooses his words with love and kindness. The Reading was a great confirmation and really makes a difference. It strengthens me in my beliefs, in my self confidence. Lovely messages concerning my love life, my work and my health. A wonderful gift! 

Mellie Vissers

I first met Darren Hart on Sandra Champlain’s ‘We Don’t Die’ podcast. I was immediately drawn to his vast knowledge and kind heartedness. He has a true serving heart (I’m not surprised about his last name!) Darren Hart is an exceptionally passionate and gifted Teacher, Medium, Psychic, and Intuitive. He has incredible knowledge about mental and trance mediumship as well as psychic and tarot readings, Ouija boards, table tipping, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairalience and clairgustance. I’ve attended a number of Darren’s classes and have received a one on one reading with him. I’ve had the privilege of watching Darren work as a trance medium as well. As a teacher, Darren is extremely generous with his time and energy, his heart is true. He takes the time to make sure everyone understands his teachings and that all questions are answered in detail. He encourages all to participate and ask questions. There’s no hiding in Darren’s classes! He follows his intuition to be sure that the answer is adequate and when he is uncertain, he admits it. None of us can possibly know everything. Darren also takes the time to work with each of his students one on one while the rest of the class benefits. He has an uncanny ability to read the student, connect with their guides and gives detailed feedback while gently guiding his students in discipline. Watching him in action can be quite mesmerizing! He teaches best practices in Mediumship Development – the do’s and dont’s. Each class is a wealth of information- new information. Also, there’s so much healing laughter that happens in his classes – we really have a ball! I have grown tremendously in my confidence as a person, healed some old wounds and deeply developed my connection with the Spirit world. For many years I have known about my abilities and felt so unsure, Darren’s leadership has helped me to step into the greater aspect of my Soul and I feel so excited every time I attend one of his classes. Thank you Darren for all you do! I am deeply grateful. 💓

Jennifer Paul

Trance circle joining Darren's 1st and 2nd Trance Circles trainings during the pandemic felt like an oasis in the middle of the dessert. I just felt the most wonderful energy and an incredible connection with the spirit world, with Darren's guides and with the group. I could even feel the spirit world working on my development along each day!      These courses were definitely two milestones on my path and i strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to work on his/her intuition, on there personal development, who wants to raise there awareness of the spirit world. I also want to emphasise Darren's dedication and empathy. The exercises were always an exciting surprise and Darren was continuously making different approaches to adapt the training to our personal needs.  I have never felt such an incredible flexibility and concern towards the students. The last day was so emotional that we asked Darren to open the 3rd Trance circle! So, stay tuned because this adventure will continue.        

Regina c. Almeida  27/11/20

My testimonial about the healing circle, a wonderful healing experience for myself and for the group, that's what I want to say about this course.  Darren led us into new and unexplored areas of our mediumship, giving us the confidence to go a bit further on each session, respecting our personal times and always reinforcing our work with a motivating word.   I absolutely recommend this course to everyone who is on a path of self development (as we all are ) and wants explore his/her own healing potential.  Thank you Darren, you are the best !! 🙏🙏  

   Regina c. Almeida   27/11/20                                                       


Sarah scott

25.11.2020 19:31

I had a reading today with Darren. I want to thank him as he was amazing and spot on with everything. I could not recommend enough

Lillian chillery

23.11.2020 22:42

I have been in Darren’s mediumship and trance circles as well as doing a few other workshops with him Darren is an amazing teacher and works
With you and your development . Highly recommend

Lisa Jackson

23.11.2020 22:33

Darren is not only a very gifted medium he is also a very gifted teacher. I recently attended one of Darren’s trance mediumship courses. Initially I was a bit hesitant but Darren reassured me that I w

Amazing Spiritual Assessment

Fantastic Psychic Reading


Today, I had the most wonderful Spiritual Assessment that offered up clarity with compassion and professionalism. I had never met Darren before today and I must say he presented in a such a friendly, open, honest manner that I immediately felt at ease. The Spiritual Assessment offered up an abundance of answers and guidance to me in equal measure and I am so glad I was guided to contact Darren for this Assessment, it has helped and will continue to do so from the guidance brought through and received with grace and gratitude". Thank you Darren

Bernadette Fry, Cheshire

I hope the above is suitable and I would like to say thank you once more.

May I ask if Darren ever considers putting on an open or closed circle online may I be considered to participate, I also left a review on the Facebook page.

Best Wishes and Gratitude


I first spoke to Darren maybe 5 years ago now after randomly crossing paths and again the same thing happened recently which is why i booked a reading with him.

Darren is so unbelievably accurate it’s scary (in the most amaze-balls way possible) he told me things not one person other than me would know but also gave me the heads up i needed for things that i should expect in the future.

No sugar-coating things with Darren, everything is straight to the point as it should be. Without a doubt the most honest, refreshing reading I’ve had in my life. Appreciate it more than you know! Love always - Brucey

Kind regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                             09/06/24


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