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Darren Hart

Friday 19th July 2024

Discover the extraordinary realm of mediumship with Darren Hart, a distinguished spiritual medium. Participate in a memorable online mediumship demonstration where Darren will establish a connection with the spirit world and convey messages from your loved ones, all from the comfort of your home. Observe the strength and precision of Darren's abilities as he transmits evidential messages, offering solace, healing, and resolution to those in search of affirmation and a bond with their loved ones in the spirit world. Whether you seek guidance, closure, or a chance to connect with the beyond, our online mediumship event with Darren Hart promises to be an unforgettable experience.

In this online mediumship session, you will have the chance to observe Darren's remarkable talents. With his special skills, he forms a profound link with the spirit, relaying intricate details and messages known only to your departed loved ones. Darren's empathetic and tender manner ensures a comforting and supportive setting, helping you relax as he imparts the heartfelt messages your loved ones wish to share. Join us for a path of healing, affirmation, and spiritual communion in the life-changing experience of online mediumship with Darren Hart.

Friday 19th July 7.30pm



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28.11 | 20:44

In this time with covid 19 this is most needed a listening ear. Thank you Darren for offering these services.

Darren is an amazing Medium not only his teachings but he goes that extra mile for people. Darren has spent many years in all aspects of his spirtual work and without doubt you can see it in his work

25.11 | 19:31

I had a reading today with Darren. I want to thank him as he was amazing and spot on with everything. I could not recommend enough

23.11 | 22:42

I have been in Darren’s mediumship and trance circles as well as doing a few other workshops with him Darren is an amazing teacher and works
With you and your development . Highly recommend

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 Tel :  07749454281

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