Encaustic Art Workshop

 Online Encaustic Art workshop with Darren Hart

The word Encaustic literally means ‘to burn’.

Encaustic Art involves the application of different coloured wax onto a small, hot, travelling iron, which when placed onto art cards, allows the melted wax to create pictures that are not only stunning to look at, but can be inspired by the spirit world or a psychic inspiration,

No artistic skills are needed – the only requirement is that you relax and enjoy the experience, allowing your inner mind to take control and for intriguing insights to be revealed,


Letting your creative side have the freedom and inspiration can have amazing results,

Encaustic art can be used and is used regularly in private readings where you can allow for the wax to be heated and let your freedom of flow produce art on your paper, then a personal reading can be given from reading the art that's been created,


They can be framed so you hang hang them in your home or even make beautiful cards for others,

For this workshop you will need a small travel iron and some wax crayons and some white card, 

This is an online workshop via zoom

Next workshop is on 

Wednesday 28th September 2022

12pm - 2pm

You dont need any art background this is for everyone who wishes to experiment and experience encaustic art it's fun,

 Total= £30

No experience necessary but all levels of development and experience are welcome

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