Level 2 Development Circle


This development circle is focused on those who are looking at developing there mediumship to the next level, 

We will be looking at building and strengthening your connection to the spirit world, 

We will be looking at the Aura and colour and how much colour plays a vital role in mediumship from the psychic & spiritual perspective,

We will be looking at how we perceive colour from the aura and using it in our one to one readings.. 

We will be working at establishing our connection to the spirit and blending with them on a deeper level,

We will be working with searching for more factual evidence and gaining a stronger connection to the spirit ,

We will be building your confidence and trust where needed in your mediumship,

We will be working at developing your ability to see, hear, and feel the spirit world in your mediumship,

There will be talks and opportunities for you to ask questions that will be of benefit of your development,

This is a great circle for you to want to deepen your development and gain a better perspective of the spirit world and your abilities in mediumship We will be working in a small group and this will allow us to be very supportive of each other in our progression of mediumship,

Darren Hart is an experienced medium & teacher and is very supportive and teaches with compassion and has a love for the spirit world that is seen throughout his teaching !

Our aim is to help you enrich and help give you confidence in your mediumship our courses are fun and stress free and very enjoyable

This is an 8 week circle of  1.5 hour per week, via zoom 

Total £250

You can pay by 2 instalments if it's more convenient to you,

You will receive a certificate of excellence and dedication from the course, from The Darren Hart School Of Mediumship.

Next circle is starting on   Tuesday  16th  March 2021    6.30pm - 8pm