Healing Circle

This is an online circle for the development of spiritual healing,

Spiritual healing is an natural ability and this circle we will set the scene and place the opportunity to unfold your natural awareness for spiritual healing !

We will be looking at the benefits of what healing can help achieve in the everday life of us all, and how we can use energy healing on people & pets,

There are so many benefits of receiving energy healing for the mind, body, soul. We will be working with attunement of ourselves and becoming the channel for the spirit world to move the power of healing energy through us.

We will be looking at the techniques and types of healing that is available to us. This circle will be working with the higher source of healing energies and is a good circle for you to start to channel that power for the intention of healing !

Healing comes in many forms and over the space of 4 weeks we will be looking at some of these and focusing on the healing energy that comes from the divine power.

If your curious about healing and want to know more and have a understanding of it then this circle is for you. We will provide you with a very supportive and understanding approach to your development and you will enjoy being with like minded people working at the same level and intention as you !

This is a 4 week circle of 1 hour session on a weekly basis online via zoom

Total £90

Next circle starting 

Wednesday 9th June 2021

8pm - 9pm

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