Psychic Detective Circle

Have you ever wanted to be a psychic detective well now is your chance,

Using your natural psychic abilities you can delve deep into the world of missing persons or unsolved crimes, using your perception of energy you can retrace, in the hope of finding every detail of there last movements, 

Psychic awareness is used in detective work, aswell as remote viewing and psychometry, you will be working with your own intuition to gather evidence in real crimes and working together as a group to see what we can find in the world of detection, 

You dont have to be a medium or have worked with any of this before, this circle will help you to use your natural psychic intuition and we shall see where it takes us, 

You will get an understanding of the basics of working with psychic detective and you will recieve a better knowledge of what happens in the world of the detective, 

We will be working with real crimes that have actually took place, as we work through step by step as a team to see if we can help to bring something that's of need to the particular crime, when families experience such trauma psychics are often asked if by using there natural psychic intuition if they can help with such cases,


This circle is fun with a psychic twist.

This is a 4 week circle at 1 hour weekly sessions online via zoom 

Total £90

Next circle is starting 

Wednesday 12th May 2021

 8pm - 9pm

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